What is NEW about 2017 Year

Hi Folks, its been super  long time, couldn’t write something. Why???WELL that’s how the excuse mode on functions or maybe the real life situation reasons would start, so lets avoid that. Hope all are doing in greatest health and if not lets start now. When the new year sets in, the first question is what’s your plan for this year??.

But rare I have found people who would say what would be new about this upcoming year for you??I know what would be new for me-somehow figured that out with lot of deep thinking while travelling in metro train for good 15 minutes.well yeah 15 minutes deep self reflection did work for me ..so 1st thing was I  would turn 27..pheww 27.ya right lived on this planet for 26 years till  which was unexpected with all the twisted situations my life had to offer.

Second is Thought of becoming expressive-yes it would be challenging, somehow don’t like the concept of its fine of however I am.Being in that comfort zone and all, well it works in some situations. This has been my fear, I am sure it would be interesting place to visit in 2017 and while embarking this journey I would find more strength.

Expressing not only through writings actually via social media. For that  I give pat to myself  as its super easy for me..Well all the above somehow explains that, but to speak WISELY,  not distancing myself from people but to rather breathe the true essence of AIR of relationships. BTW, even AIR says Aspire Inspire and than Respire for the sake of  survival.Inspiring yeah I do that I guess at my own capacity and capability..would do that more…respiring well its manageable too amidst the delhi pollution level.Trust me its maddeningllly Crazzzyyy.With so many options available of how to breathe and ways to breathe…hold… I think I am digressing with what all I started.

so yeah this 27th-2017 year I will strive wholehartedly to be  wiseful, expressive, Not getting into a trauma of turning 27 🙂 smile more than ever, being courageous well that would be covered by my travel trips and roller coaster situations  in 2017..i think 15 mins of inquisitiveness of knowing myself has led me to know what  all is  gonna be  NEW in 2017..

So action time starts now. Give that 15 mins to yourself and think what value you will create in 2017 and  Please don’t see the above as resolution stuff, trust me I never sticked to that and never worked for me.

So peepzz,what do you think would be new for you in 2017.Two words would be fine actually that’s a lot of work to be done in practical ways.

Before I write my next blog, I will make not so easy  action plan for myself for the above for myself.Till than stay blessed,dont get super hungover and don’t even try to self introspect that time,actually you can if you remember the next day.:)

Happpiiiieee New 2017…